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I go to the movie theater fairly regularly. I've always enjoyed the big-screen experience, so I try to go see every movie that interests me. Just last year, I saw the following films (in order):

Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Alita: Battle Angel
Captain Marvel
Avengers: Endgame (twice)
John Wick 3
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Dark Phoenix
Spider-Man: Far from Home
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
It Chapter Two
Zombieland: Double Tap
Terminator: Dark Fate
The Rise of Skywalker (twice)
Knives Out

That's 18 movies and 20 visits total. In previous years, here's how many movies I saw that were released in those years:

2018: 16
2017: 18
2016: 13
2015: 10
2014: 14
2013: 11
2012: 12
2011: 11
2010: 13

That's 136 movies in total in the 2010s (movies I saw multiple times like all the Star Wars films would bring the actual number of visits up to 150 or so). I enjoyed most of them, though there were a few stinkers (Dark Phoenix was a recent one that rated very low for me). My frequency has increased over the past three years as I have more disposable income now, plus there's been more MCU films each year as well. Just this year, I've already seen three movies, and there's probably a dozen others I plan on seeing.

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