thismeintiel said:

Exactly.  Don't really care about Knives Out, though I did hear it was a good film.  And I actually liked Looper.  Just keep him away from SW.

Really these people are just as salty as Rian Johnson himself was about legit criticism of his SW movie.  Their theories of an extremely small minority, who mainly hated on TLJ because they hate women and/or minorities, despite the constant examples of disliking the film for many other reasons, has been dashed to pieces.  They thought ROS was going to perform better than TLJ based on previous SW trilogies, because people were greatly anticipating the continuation of TLJ. 

Some choose to remain silent.  Others choose to attack the messenger/s.  Still others choose to make up insane theories that if the film had released just 7 days earlier, it would have easily beat TLJ, meaning an extra $400M+ WW.

Fairly sure I accused no one of hating the films because of misogamy or bigotry.  That's for the other end of the of the toxic fanbase.

You just hate in order to hate.  Congratulations on being part of a club.