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shikamaru317 said:
BraLoD said:

Screw Sonic Adventure, give me more Sonic Mania.

Bring back some Master System levels too this time so I can cry even more while playing, please!

There are also rumors that Mania 2 is in development at Christian Whitehead's new studio, though we don't know if it will also be ready by 2021. But it definitely seems like we will get at least 1 big Sonic game in 2021 for Sonic's 30th anniversary, possibly 2. 

I sure hope so.

Sonic Mania was the best thing since Sonic 2 and well the best thing apart only Sonic 2 as well.

It was extremely well received critically and in the fanbase, so not making more of it would be really stupid.

I wish they would make an even bigger game this time, with like 6 new zones plus 12 remakes. They can even throw Sonic Mania owners and add-on to play those zones in that game too.

A man can dream...