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VersusEvil said:
If your an android user and not too concerned with what browser you're using, then use a browser with a built in adblocker, I personally use Brave and haven't had any issues with ads on this site when I'm logged out. You shouldn't really be put in a position of having to buy supporter to just have a usable site in some cases and I say that as a supporter.

I agree - hence the reason for this thread.

I would obviously prefer if people avoided using adblockers, but how can I blame them if they're getting inundated with NSFW ads or videos that suddely SCREAM at you or ads that blockbreak functionality???

So - yeah, hopefully some good with come of this thread allowing us to fix the ads that we can (I already fixed the issue with the ad showing up in the richtext editor in forum replies) and either reporting the ones we can't directly to the ad provider or discussing with ioi in hopes of a compromise...