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Thinks have changed quite dramatically since this thread was first posted, so I (Machina) have decided to update this OP:

Brett (the site's owner) has given the staff the go-ahead to contact the ad provider and work with them to curb some of the excesses we've seen recently.

We've outlined the things we consider high priority and that we most want to be fixed and are now working with the ad provider to:

  • Get any site-breaking ads removed (stuff that prevents scrolling, for example).
  • Reduce the amount of space the ads take up.
  • Make sure that any pop-up ads can be actively closed by the user.

Obviously we need to strike a balance - the site needs ads to run, and the bigger and flashier the ad campaign the more it generally brings in. Where the staff think the line should most definitely be drawn, however, is when the ads in some way break the site or prevent users to accessing it properly. We also think the line should be drawn when most of the screen consists of ads rather than actual website. Now that we have Brett's backing to tackle these issues we'll do our most to ensure the ad provider knows about any problematic ads and works with us to get them removed, and where the ads go overboard to rein them in a bit.

To that end, if you encounter any site-breaking ads (ads that prevent you from properly navigating the site), please let us know about them in this thread. Try to be as specific as possible, and if possible provide a screengrab to illustrate the issue. That will make it easier for us to report to the ad provider and get it/them removed.

Thanks for your patience - we know the ads have driven some of you to despair, but there's light at the end of the tunnel now :)

Last edited by Machina - on 07 December 2020