Chazore said:
twintail said:

I mean, do you think other publishers are just allowing this to happen with no financial gain? cause it is is extremely unlikely that other big publishers are not being paid to have their games on the service? EA, Konami, Capcom, SE, Remedy and Rockstar don't have their games available for this service either.

Do you think it's anything else over money?.

This is Activision we're talking about here. 

Also, I don't see a fine print or a press conf where the other players stated "we will not ever be releasing these games on GFN".

I dont get the point of your question. I clearly stated that its a money move for all publishers, where you somehow seemed to suggest that it was something only the CEO of Activision would do. 

The same article from this thread even states that Blizzard has a license agreement that strictly forbids cloud streaming of their games. 

The other publishers I mentioned were in the beta programme, and dropped out before the official launch.You can find that info in the same article. I"m not saying nor suggesting the future might be different. I'm stating that there are other publishers who don't have their games on the service either. The present simpleness of my statement should have made it obvious that Iwas talking about the current situation.