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iceland said:

And I have to say I was extremely insulted when I got a straight dating ad on this site, like know your audience vgc

I blame @Ryuu96

Runa216 said:
Ryuu96 said:

Let's ignore this straight pride nonsense, user has been banned from the thread, anyone else derailing the thread with nonsense or looking to cause trouble will also be swiftly dealt with, we want this thread to be a nice place for the LGBT community to socialise in.

Awww, I bet he's off in his corner whining about how his first amendment rights are being trampled on, horrendously missing the point and failing to understand what Free Speech actually is! 

Are we allowed to talk about particularly explicit material in this thread? or just to talk about general LGBT stuff. Like, I'm asexual (as in I don't enjoy sex) but I love sexual gratification. It's complicated, but it implies some really weird kinks and behaviours that many might find strange, especially for someone considered to be asexual. 

Don't reveal anything you're not comfortable with discussing in detail (especially if it isn't something that isn't necessarily common.) Try to keep it within the realm of SFW because I want this thread to be available for everyone that would like to be in here. No images or videos that go against the general rules of the site. But if your writing is overtly sexual or otherwise breaks any other rule, please hide them behind a spoiler tag. 

That being said, everyone needs to try to remain respectful as best as possible. No kink shaming or baiting with responses. Also, if things get heated in here, just report it to a mod, try not to engage.  (This last sentence moreso has to do with the events that happened earlier in this thread, not aimed at you Runa.)