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Qwark said:
Persona 5 whilst a great game looked like a PS3 remaster grahically. This doesn't look all that different. Also the ARPG style doesn't really suit Persona imo.

Well it was a PS3 game, so that's probably why. This one seems to have some slight changes to assets, but essentially it's the same look.

Keiji said:

You got also this video who talks about the PS4 Pro :


Did anyone know the resolution for Persona 5 Royal on PS4 Pro ? I have read it is 4K on some article but since the game is out on Japan already, I was expecting an officiel statement from DF.

That's interesting. I didn't know there was a FPS Mode or Graphics mode to chose from. Let alone on base PS4. I'll add that to the OP.


PS4 - FPS Mode: 900p, 60fps, AA
PS4 - Graphics Mode: 1080p, 60fps (less stable), AA

PS4 Pro - FPS Mode: 1080p, 60fps, No AA
PS4 Pro - Graphics Mode: 1440 - 2160p, 60fps, No AA

Switch - 900p, 30fps, No AA

So the only version that has Anti Aliasing is base PS4? That's a bit weird.
Graphics mode on base PS4 also seems like it may be the best option since it retains 60fps, albeit less stable, and still has AA.

Last edited by Hiku - on 08 February 2020