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Jpcc86 said:

Wow, I didnt realize that Amazon Prime had a base of nearly 150m. Thats around 100m more than I thought. 

Either way i think its safe to say nearly 30m subscribers is a lot for Disney+ considering its just released in 6 countries I believe? Thats like 8 times the entire population of Uruguay. In a month or so when it becomes available for the rest of Europe and Latin America we'll have a better understaing of how well its gonna do in comparison, but I have no reason to believe it wont reach the numbers of APrime or Netflix. 

Well, to be fair, we don't know exactly how many of those 150m Prime subs use Prime Video, all Amazon announced was the Prime Video viewership was double what it was last year. Prime Video isn't even available in all Amazon Prime markets I think. That's why I said less than 150m, because we don't know exact numbers, only that it is less than the 150m total Prime subs. But it's safe to say that Prime Video is 2nd place over Hulu and Disney+.

As for the rest of the subscription services, CBS All-Access was at 4m last time they announced numbers, which was nearly a year ago, maybe they will post a new update now that Star Trek Picard is out and likely boosting their sub numbers. NBC is releasing one called Peacock in April 2020. HBO has HBO Max coming in May 2020. There is going to be alot of competition in the tv streaming field soon.