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I think Rol does exaggerate when he's talking about an inherent console bias from Shadow. He has clearly never shown such a bias from what I've seen from my presence on this forum. Although, Switch does act differently than any previous behavioral pattern we got from previous generations so far, so it doesn't make much sense to think the switch will suddenly steer it's way into normal-lacy just because everyone else did so.
Switch isn't everyone else, it is a new case that is actually worth it's own study.

No, I am not exaggerating. I know that Shadow has the sales data of handheld consoles, but because we don't see him post charts for them without them being requested, it's easy to tell from his voluntary efforts that he has a strong preference for home consoles. It's not the kind of bias where someone says "this sucks", but rather the one where someone omits certain somethings.

This omission results in incomplete and at times faulty analyses, hence why Shadow claims that Nintendo supporting a console past the launch of its successor is historically unprecedented since the SNES when the available data for Nintendo handhelds shows that it's actually the norm for Nintendo to support their portable consoles for a while after the launch of a successor.

When such a glaring omission happens, I have only three options to explain it:

1. Ignorance
2. Bias
3. Stupidity

Because I know that Shadow has the sales data, I have to rule out option 1. Because I don't believe that he is stupid, the only reasonable explanation left is bias. Whether said bias happens on a conscious or unconscious level would be a subpoint to figure out, but it honestly doesn't matter. I am telling Shadow to include sales data for Nintendo handhelds in his analyses because Switch has succeeded both the Nintendo home console and Nintendo handheld, and therefore the data for handhelds shouldn't be dismissed as irrelevant for Switch's future sales trajectory.

This isn't a situation where I tell Shadow "you are biased, there's no point in talking to you", but rather "you can do better as long as you want to." I know that my posts come across as confrontational, but the goal is not to burn a bridge, but to make use of all the NPD sales data that Shadow has stored in his computer. It's a highly valuable collection of sales data.

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