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Barkley said:

The forecast of 110.3m shipped by March 31st (13.5m for the FY) will be easily met. Just need to ship 1.4m this quarter.

Gameboy is going down.

Sell-through by the end of 2019 was 106.0m, right? Or was the decimal higher?

If it's 106.0m, then the PS4 needs quite some stock level correction too. Bringing 2.9m on shelves and in transit down to 2.0m while adding 1.4m in shipments requires sell-through of 2.3m. Certainly doable, but not as easy as, say, being able to end up hitting 14.0m in shipments for the fiscal year.

"Easy" is relative and it's less your post that worries me as it is JRPGfan with his speculation of 13m shipped in the fiscal year after that (or 13m in calendar year 2020, if that's what he means).

EDIT: Almost forgot to address the Game Boy line in your post. I have to make it clear that I don't doubt that PS4 lifetime sales will surpass the Game Boy.

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