Dood... wtf is up with your shift key?

Anyways, the worst of those would easily be Playstations being exclusive to Sony TVs. I mean, Sony TVs are just massively overpriced, I don't want to spend a fortune on a TV to play games when I could just use the TV I already have.

As for the others...

An Apple or google console wouldn't affect me in anyway whatsoever, literally could not care less whether they make one or not.
Microsoft going PC exclusive with 1st party games would be fine with me. As long as they still release on Steam I'd be happy.
Microsoft going Xbox exclusive wouldn't be so good, but I've bought literally only 1 Microsoft game on PC so far so it wouldn't be a big loss.
Nintendo already make games exclusively for hardware that I have no interest in, so there wouldn't even be a difference to me.
I've only ever played 2 Blizzard games (Diablo 3 & Overwatch) and they weren't very good. If they went mobile exclusive... I really couldn't care less.

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