Important announcement concerning the future of this thread

The few regulars this thread has left may have already noticed that the January summary hasn't gone live yet. The Switch Gamers Club has seen strongly decreased activity for about a year by now. While 2018 was healthy, 2019 had lots of months in which barely anything happened and that was not due to Nintendo's release schedule because they actually did release quite a lot of new titles during 2019. Due to the vast majority of members being completely gone and never providing any updates to their game collections, the dataset in the spreadsheet has been getting more and more outdated and incomplete over time.

In the top 20 chart that is posted each month, there's hardly any movement as the months go by. An alternative method of posting a top 20 that shows the most popular games of the given month instead of the life to date chart isn't of real value either, because at best there are several games that can score above 5 for the month, commonly there have been only one or two who could do it.

The overall statistics for physical and first party percentages haven't shown much movement either. It's all pretty set and the purchasing patterns for software aren't really changing.

There has been no consistent beneficial side factor to this thread either, such as game discussion concerning which games are good and which ones are not. All this means that there's very little benefit, if any, for this thread to continue. It doesn't involve much time to update it, but not even that little bit of time each month feels justified because there are no positive takeaways to speak of anymore.

So if you've reached this paragraph, you can already tell that the Switch Gamers Club is approaching its end. I'll do one final update in early March that covers January and February 2020 which will have given this project a runtime of 24 months. Until then you can continue to post your game purchases here, but after the final update next month it will be over.

I want to thank everyone for participating, especially those who kept coming back (almost) every month.

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