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RolStoppable said:
Amnesia said:

Then something half way between the current Switch and the base XBOX1...Only that would already open a fair amount of potential.

I am just trying to imagine a scenario where they are successful and coherent. Don't blame me : 90% of the people here were absolutely sure that we were going to have a Switch Pro this year.

Yes, there were a lot of those people and they were all bound to be wrong. You should strive to be right instead of inserting yourself into the herd and running along with them.

Radek said:

Oh I see, so going from 540p (Witcher 3 docked Switch) to 1080p (4 times increase) on base PS4 is a laughably small increase, ok.

No it's not, it's a huge increase, as big as Xbox One S to Xbox One X. GTX 1650 would do the job.

That reads like a comparison of worst case scenario on Switch vs. best case scenario on the PS4. It also ignores battery life, cooling and casing.

No it's not, it's probably most demanding game on the Switch and many Switch games are 720p and sometimes less now a days docked.

540p is the bottom resolution true but PS4 stayes locked at 1080p so it's still 4 times higher and also higher details and I didn't even mention that.

PS4 level GPU would be around 4X or even 4.5X more powerful than regular Switch, similar to Xbox One / S to Xbox One X.

Outer Worlds is probably a 360p game portable and 720p docked like Doom.

GTX 1650 is a entry level GPU that can achieve power above PS4 and it's Ampere version will be even more effiecient.