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Amnesia said:

It is maybe not impossible in late 2021 to have a portable with a power similar to a base XBOX1/PS4.
I see no problem with that: The new switch could play every current switch games thanks to a total retro-compatibility.
At this point in late 2021, customer could buy a regular switch costing only 240€ maybe, the Lite at 150€, and these 2 consoles could still be supported until 2022/2023 because Nintendo could manage internally clean ports to keep releasing downgraded versions of their future IP on the 2 old Switch, and next to this a full version for the new console.

3rd party can release new games on 64/128Go cartridges for the new switch, and they have the possibility also to create downgraded games on the 2 old switch to take profit of a 80/90 millions install base.

Power similar to XB1 and PS4 is a laughably small increase that isn't going to accomplish anything positive. The biggest change such a device is going to bring is a significant reduction in battery life.

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