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Alistair said:
Wyrdness said:

3DS is the third best selling platform in Japan in total :? saying a platform isn't going to match it is not saying much at all because getting close to it is still demolishing the competition currently around you can't concede defeat when you're destroying the only competition around.

No, not total. Launch aligned cumulative sales. Take a look at that link, or the main page of VGchartz. The Switch is not selling well compared to Nintendo's old business. Everyone is comparing mobile Switch sales vs Wii U sales and pretending everything is fine. Switch sales dropped last year vs 2018. Ignore the Lite nonsense, it isn't even a Switch. Nintendo's stock dropped massively on the earnings news, look at the last 5 days.

I want Nintendo to be number one, and I want them to be strong. But first they need to learn to make good hardware. It might happen. They have ARM and nVidia on their side, and that was the right choice. They got rid of optical drives, and adopted flash storage before Microsoft and Sony, also the right choice. They even used standard SD cards, imagine that (SONY!). But they still have a tendency to chase gimmicks. They also don't choose the right stuff. The PS4 was a miracle in my mind, and we have Mark Cerny to thank for it. Nintendo's leadership when it comes to hardware has been quite horrid for a while.

As I've said many times, Nintendo has a good chance to make the best low cost console. 4x A76 cores (like in low end Chinese phones, 5 years NEWER than the Switch) and a GTX 1650 Super (which sells for $159) and it would equal the Xbox One X for less than $250. A real home console. I'm not that optimistic, but we do have a new CEO, who knows?

Yet another good post. You are doing well.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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