Bristow9091 said:
Y'know what, I decided to play Tales of Zestiria despite hearing mixed to bad things about it, and at around 14 or so hours in... I'm actually enjoying it somewhat. Not even close to Xillia (The only other Tales game I've played for this long, and also completed), but yeah... lol.

Also my girlfriend finally started the Kingdom Hearts games this year, finished the first one, got annoyed with Chain of Memories so watched a ten minute recap video, and we've just watched the cutscenes for 358/2 Days (From the collection)... now I want to jump into Kingdom Hearts III, but can't do that until I finish Tales of Zestiria so now I feel like I need to rush through it. To quote Geralt in the Witcher Netflix series; "Fuck!"

It is a fine game and after games likes Vesperia it feels a bit meh, mind you I enjoyed playing the game and platinumed it tho.  Berseria is better in my opinion and is recommended.