PlayStation Plus Games For February Announced!

Well look at that guys, I'm on time this month, yay! So, let's take a quick look at what we're getting for February...

The games available this month are;

- BioShock: The Collection

- The Sims 4

- Firewall Zero Hour (VR)

So let's work our way down from the top... the Bioshock trilogy is apparently brilliant, I know people will be excited for this. I've personally never finished any of the games, only got about 2-3 hours into the first, not touched the second, and put about 5-6 hours into Infinite, but maybe with the revamped graphics etc. I may actually give them a proper try this time around. Next we have The Sims 4 which I'm a fan of, well, not 4 since I've not played it yet, but I've put plenty of hours into The Sims 3 in the past, and I had the first one that released on PS2 way back in the day so I know it'll work fine with a controller too. Good stuff. Finally, a third game this month (?!), Firewall Zero Hour, which I've heard is actually a very fun VR game... shame I don't have PSVR to give it a try, but for those of you who have a headset and were on the fence about the game, here you go!

This month is actually a really good month in my opinion, especially coming after the last few we've had which have been pretty meh for the most part.

What do you guys think? Is this a good month, bad month or just... meh?

Link to the PlayStation Blog and video here: