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Dulfite said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes they bought a lot more, but none of them really put up a fight against the studios Sony already had. And insomniac alone is more relevant than almost the sum of what MS bought.

Well, now those studios have a lot more money they can tap into to make their dream games. I can't imagine Phil did this only to tell them they have to stay conservative. Here's hoping those studios shine like they never have before.

I just wish, through some oddball loophole in the contract, Obsidian has the rights to KOTOR 2 and completely remakes it if these rumors of Disney making a new KOTOR game are false. I need SOMETHING KOTOR related lol.

Money doesn't solve these type of problems. The studios already had their knowledge and capability and just throwing money at it won't improve that fast. Sure those studios can grow, mature, etc. But money on a studio EA, Ubisoft and other big publishers have a lot of money and studios still their games don't have the level of quality Sony have been putting.

MS also have the objective of 3-4 games a year so they will have some limit on the scope of the games and they calling those games AAA don't really mean they will be as grand as what Sony is already outputting. Even more because their objective is keep Gamepass feed and it is acceptable to have A, AA and AAA games coming instead of only AAA even more when 3rd parties also put games there.

As a Nintendo fan I find strange that you want the game close to Xbox.

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