Alistair said:
First of all the Xbox is almost tied with the PS4 in North America. The Xbox One was no flop, it will outsell the NES, 3DS, SNES, and n64 in North America. Remember how many people bought the NES which was much more popular than the SNES? I see more Xbox One's in North America than there were NES. The problem for Microsoft is they are a bit regional, with PS4 dominating in Europe, and the Switch in Japan (and btw the PS4 is the worse selling Sony home console in Japan ever, hardly a success in their home country, if Nintendo releases a Switch Pro I think the PS5 will die in Japan, and that is why Japanese games are being released for PC now.)

Launch aligned PS4 is tracking nearly half a million ahead of the PS3 in Japan. It will surpass it.

Sony also has middle East and Asian areas on lock down, something MS will struggle with.

Dulfite said:
twintail said:

How so? I think MS has definitely taken the necessary steps to increase their output both quantitatively and qualitatively, but so have Sony. 

Someone (with time) should count how many studios they each started this gen with and how many they have now. I think MS has purchased a lot more.

Sure, they have. Granted Sony started up 2 new studios (with a potential 3rd coming next gen), their existing studios have grown, and they have Insomniac now. 

MS purchasing more only puts their studio output to the number Sony has.