DonFerrari said:
Dulfite said:

Someone (with time) should count how many studios they each started this gen with and how many they have now. I think MS has purchased a lot more.

Yes they bought a lot more, but none of them really put up a fight against the studios Sony already had. And insomniac alone is more relevant than almost the sum of what MS bought.

Well, now those studios have a lot more money they can tap into to make their dream games. I can't imagine Phil did this only to tell them they have to stay conservative. Here's hoping those studios shine like they never have before.

I just wish, through some oddball loophole in the contract, Obsidian has the rights to KOTOR 2 and completely remakes it if these rumors of Disney making a new KOTOR game are false. I need SOMETHING KOTOR related lol.