The author doesn't provide sufficient evidence to justify the use of the word "crush".

Considering the facts that XB is putting their games on any hardware they can, while PS is not, and that PS currently has a much larger share of the console market, it logically follows that PS is more likely to sell more units in the next generation. So, that premise makes sense. If I was betting at even money, I'd certainly bet on Sony.

I expect Gamepass to help MS is many ways though. It limits the number of people that will jump ship (who's leaving if you already have months or years of Gamepass ahead of you). It also provides a lot of value to new players on XB. There are tons of XB1 games (maybe some will be enhanced for next gen, which would help even more) that immediately fill out a new XB gamer's library for just $10-$15 per month. That's very helpful at the start of a generation, when one has to come up with hundreds of dollars just for hardware.

Anyway, I think I agree with the general sentiment here - PS will very likely outsell XB next gen. But, XB will almost certainly perform better than they did in the current gen.