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JRPGfan said:
Dulfite said:
I still think MS has positioned themselves to have better first party output than Sony next gen.
But I'm fully prepared to be wrong if those games are bad.

Look at 2020:

Ori and the Will of the wisps
Halo Infinate

Its not horrible.... but its not exactly great either.
Thats like 1 indie / budget sized game, 2 AA titles, and 1 AAA one.

Theres nothing "new" with those games either,
apart from a return of battletoads (which alot of people dont even want, in its current state).

Sony is gonna go out on a high note, and with backwards compatabilty being a thing for all PS4 games, on PS5...
It should act like a strong pushing force for the PS5.

If "Halo - Infinate" is considered a next gen game but is cross gen for xbox,
I'd argue the same could be true for Last of Us - Part 2, ect. 

Maybe they look and play better on PS5, thus being equal to say a new Halo game in terms of sales effects.

The first few months of a gen is not what I was talking about. Most of the studios MS bought won't have games ready right away to release as exclusives. I think in 2 years time they will be releasing more rapidly exclusives than Sony.

By the way, I say all this as a Nintendo fan.