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Radek said:
Link_knight30 said:

I first believe it won't beat PS4 but i later think that is not even a direct competition.

I mean: the switch is like an hybrid console, is not entirely a homeconsole and not entirely a portable, however it has the advantage of being both.

It is more realistic to compare the PS4 with another "full" homeconsole.

Conclusion is: the switch will sell more for a little bit not for being better on sales but for being also a portable. (like 2 consoles in one)

Nobody cares if it's direct competition or not, we just speculate whether it can outsell PS4, same was we speculated if DS would outsell PS2.

Yes, that's what I said in my conclusion: in my opinion, the switch will outsell the PS4 probably after 2023. I was just explaining why i think it will.