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yo33331 said:
zorg1000 said:

1. PS2 sold over 25 million outside of NA, EU & JP

2. You're right, it was 6.

3. The argument isnt about whether they can reduce the price by so much, its whether they will and there is nothing that suggests Sony will ever cut the price so low.

1. Yes, it has, but this is not all from emerging markets, at best 10M is from these countries that PS2 launched after PS3 launched, which is not much.

3. And what is suggesting otherwise ? That sony won't do it ? they have done it every single time, with exception of PS3 because it was expensive, and they wanted to get rid of it as soon as they can and not move their fingers about it. PS1 got to 49$, PS2 to 99$, PSP to 99$. If they decide they can eventually price cut PS4 to 99$ too. As I said it is with very cheap components. Although I am not sure they will go to 99$, 199$ is sure, and 149$ is also very possible. And these prices means a lot of sales. Exactly as you give the example with the 2 months of every year with temporary pricecuts, the sales go up through that period.

And permanent price cut will not only make an effect in the first 1 or 2 months but will help with sales every single month from there on out. If say without pricecut PS4 make 10M this year, with the pricecut it can reach to 13-14M. After the first blow of sales of the pricecut every single month will be let's say with 50k or something up. I mean if PS4 sell in january 150K every week at 299$ and the price cut is february for example after the first 1-2 months of sales of maybe 250-300K the next months will also be higher than 150K - january sales. They will drop of course from the first 1-2 months after the pricecut happens, but they will at least be at 200K-220K level and not the same old weak level of 150K when the 299$ was standart. These numbers are just examples, I am not saying will be the same or making predictions, because 150K isn't even the standart for PS4 sales yet. ( this number was only 1 week ).

Are you aware of what emerging markets are? It's pretty much everything besides North America, Western Europe, Japan & Australia.

Sony choosing huge profits and never having a permanent price cut on PS4 Slim & Pro despite both being over 3 years old and PS5 likely being sold at a loss initially all suggest that Sony has no desire to do any big price cuts for PS4.

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