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theDX said:
The slightest chance of certain Japanese games appearing on Switch will light the internet on fire but company reps keep responding like "Haha, this will never be on Switch, haha. Joke??? Haha." Nagoshi and Harada do this too. And we're supposed to believe hardware power alone is keeping all these games from being on the Switch?

He's poking fun at EB Games for announcing a product he's in charge of that he's never heard of.
Imagine being in charge of a game and waking up to your twitter being bombarded with questions about a version of a game that doesn't exist, because EB games Canada decided to make the announcement out of nowhere? It's a bit amusing at least.

As for why these Japanese companies often don't bring their 'biggest' titles to Switch, I don't imagine any of their board meetings involve turning down the opportunity to earn millions for some trivial reason.
They have a large portfolio of games, so they're probably looking at what can bring them more profit.
If they think the cost of porting Street Fighter 2 HD will amount to more profit than doing the same for Street Fighter V, then it can make sense for them to go that route.

Although SFV is probably a console exclusive to PS4 for the duration of the generation, but you can take Devil May Cry, Resident Evil or Monster Hunter as an example instead.

Though that approach can backfire if fans get sick of it.

Last edited by Hiku - on 26 January 2020