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Ljink96 said:
Hiku said:


Well, I say wait a few more weeks before we say debunked. Dude seems really cheeky in the tweet. But yeah as today now there's no SFV Switch.

He's often like that. But as I've followed Ono for almost 10 years on Twitter, I've seen him react to several Street Fighter leaks in that time.

He'll make a cryptic tweet saying something like ".... :(", and everyone who already knows, knows what he's referring to.
But what he doesn't do is link you to the leaked material. Not until Capcom are ready to make their official reveal, in whatever way they have planned.

They may move up the reveal a few days, like they did after the DLC characters planned to be revealed at EVO were leaked by Steam almost a week too early.

He wasn't happy about it.
But even then, that took a couple of days to arrange. It's only been a few hours since that EB games tweet. I doubt Ono has been able to discuss this with management on such short notice.
So his swift reply looks like he's putting the rumor to rest.

Last edited by Hiku - on 25 January 2020