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Mr Puggsly said:
Radek said:

If this is anything like Jedi then 900p without drops with better details is definitely better than stuttery game at 720p which is las gen resolution (Xbone)

It's a crime they still sell 1.4 Tflops console at $299 in 2020.

The point is Jedi Fallen Order is still a functional product on X1. You made a bunch of posts trying to suggest otherwise.

Also, if you pay $299 for either PS4 or X1 you simply made no effort to pay less.

However, you have to consider PS360 stayed relatively expensive until the end.

720p (last gen resolution) with horrible stuttering is barely functional in my book but sure.. I've seen a lot of people complain about stutters on YouTube.

If Cyberpunk ran at the same resolution with frame stutters I can see why CDPR delayed the game, no one wants to play a long anticipated game in such state.