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And then there's the "Legs only matter when I say they do" arguments.

Jumanji 4 had a Week 4 drop of 51.9%, worse than the vast majority of major summer blockbusters released outside of December. Looking through the top 50 films of the 2010s (adjusted), the only non-December releases that had a worse drop in Week 4 were Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Batman vs. Superman. And, unless I overlooked something, every single MCU film, even the most front-loaded ones, had smaller drops in Week 4 than Jumanji 4. Also, while Jumanji 4 only had very modest drops in Week 2 & 3, it had that sudden and sharp drop in Week 4, which also happened to be its first full post-New Year's week. It's almost like movies are negatively impacted a significant amount after New Year's or something.

Also, a mid-grossing comedy with an unremarkable opening week (only $75.8M) is hardly an apples-to-apples comparison with any huge blockbuster with a huge opening week. But if you want to make that comparison, well, TFA had a larger Week 4 drop than Jumanji 4, and that was its second post-New Year's week. Hell, TFA had a larger Week 3 drop than TLJ or Rogue One (again, because New Year's). But nobody ever wants to hold either of those facts against it as a negative, and they wouldn't have even thought to compare TFA with Jumanji. Why? Because TFA didn't elicit the same sort of negative reactions that TLJ did in certain segments of the fan base. But some people really, really hate TLJ so they felt necessary to compare it some some other movie that's not even close to the same genre just to have something to compare it to in order to make things look worse than it is. And now they have to do the same with TROS, if not because they hate it then at least because they feel any actual or perceived negatives in its performance vindicates their dislike of TLJ.

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