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chakkra said:

 And I guess Shadow1980 did not know about these "basic facts about the box office" back on Dec 21st when he made this prediction:

"If I had to give a worst-case-to-best-case range for TROS, I would put it at $600-700M. That's less than my initial projections as I expected both a larger weekend and a ROTJ/ROTS-level second-to-third film increase. Still, that would be more than enough to put it in the Top 8 films of the decade domestically, and easily the #2 film of 2019. Globally, if its overseas gross can at least equal its domestic gross, then we're looking at $1.2-1.4B, though if it's 45% domestic/55% overseas like TFA and TLJ then the worldwide gross could go as high as $1.3-1.55B."

So I'm going to assume that he just learned about these "basic facts about the box office" yesterday.

Don't be a fucking smartass. I already admitted in a previous post that I was overly optimistic because, guess what, I forgot to take the calendar into account. I made a mistake. I'm a human being, after all, and I'm capable of error. And at least I'm capable of admitting when I'm wrong, which is more than can be said about certain people on this forum. Some people refuse to accept that they were wrong about why The Last Jedi had a large drop its second weekend compared to certain other films, including its immediate predecessors. Somebody refused to admit that they had no evidence backing up their idea that The Empire Strikes back dropped big against A New Hope in large part because of VCRs. Even when the data is staring them right in the fucking face, they refuse to back down, capitulate, or admit to any sort of error on their part.

And it doesn't matter when you learn a fact, so long as you acknowledge it is a fact. For example, when I was new to VGC, I had only a perfunctory knowledge of sales data, but after months and months of perusing data, collecting it, learning it, discerning trends, etc., I came to better understand various facts about game sales. But some people spend their whole lives being aware of a fact and refusing to admit it. There are millions of people that refuse to accept basic facts about physical reality (including a certain regular in these very discussions), so if people are going to deny reality when it comes to science it's no surprise that some people would find it even easier to deny the facts when it comes to more trivial things like box office revenues, especially when it comes to major objects of fandom.


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").