super_etecoon said: guys have obviously never experienced the joy of console gaming at work. I probably got in at least 100 hours of Zelda BOTW time, not to mention Stardew Valley, Rocket League, and Mario Odyssey while on the job. The fact is, while I love gaming, I have so much going on in my life that I sometimes have to steal minutes and hours away from the day to get in my gaming sessions. Doesn't mean I need a new hobby; it means I'm trying to cram my hobby into a very busy life. Nothing wrong with that.

No super_etecoon, you only like to move around, you're not a true gamer.

@OP. I think this is an excellent ad. Of course Sony is doing a superb job with developing 1st party games and with selecting strong 3rd party exclusives. They are also beasts when it comes to promoting their brand, as this ad shows. This, everyone, is one of the main means by which Playstation became the brand it is today. For one, they make excellent choices for their hardware and for how they approach the industry, for second they are very effective at branding themselves in a way that hits bullseye.

Still, since the beginning, I disconnected from the Playstation library of games, which for me are often (or the most popular ones) very photoreal and/or simulation-type games. Nowadays I'm more into arcade-style games or old-school rpgs. Maybe that is a vestige of the schism between Nintendo and 3rd parties, or even between Nintendo and Sony, where 3rd parties made games more movie-like and Nintendo made things more related to adventure, and in the NES/SNES days the mix of the two gave me something I personally liked. With Sony at the helm of 3rd parties, the movie-like nature of games is now much more prominent, and that turns me off. But, still, there is more to a game than physics and art direction. The question is, is the gameplay there? Well, for some games I would argue that going in a movie-type game direction, the gameplay suffers. And in other cases it doesn't. I would say that FFVII will turn out to be a gem, and a very popular one. I just hope that it will also release on the other consoles because otherwise it gives Sony too much power (like it did back in 1997). I also hope that Microsoft will do a good job at promoting the next xbox, because competition is very important for things to remain good overall. The Ghost of Tsushima looks beautiful but not just for the sake of photorealism, it seems to even be a trip down japanese history, and that is something I really like about it. The Last of Us, to be honest, looks like it might not be as popular as the first one. The first one sold very nice numbers, almost 12.5m I believe over two consoles (6-6.5m each). I think the second one will not be novel as the first, and so will not have as much that makes it stand out as the first one.

Finally, the thing that hits me while watching this is that almost all the games are single-player. It is much closer to Sony's approach to gaming than the other two. Sony is looking to create a personal sensory experience while the others are offering more multi-player experiences.

It looks flashy and nice, like a sexy new car, but in the end it's not a sale for me. I am looking more for experiences that connect me to other human beings, be it in or out of video games.