HylianSwordsman said:
Moving on from the backstabber, one of the worst things about that debate was that Joe Biden didn't get properly vetted on foreign policy before Iowa. It's so fucked up that he made it through that many debates with little more than Bernie calling out his Iraq War vote. At the end of the day, if Trump gets us into a war with Iran, I trust Bernie, not Biden, to get us out. I trust Bernie, not Biden, to audit the Pentagon, fight back against the military industrial complex, and divert money from the bloated defense budget to places that money is actually needed. I trust Bernie, not Biden, to build the progressive alliances we need to take the necessary level of international action against climate change and against the uber rich and their tax havens.

On top of all of this, I also believe that there is a 0% chance of Joe Biden winning the presidency, aka beating Trump. His record is the embodiment of everything Trump ran against in 2016 and if you guys think he wont pull that fake populist thing again, you're crazy. He's already doing it on twitter by calling out the DNC planning on cheating Bernie in 2020.

Let me say this again, the only thing that can beat a fake right wing populist is a real Left Wing Populist.

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