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Welcome to the VGC Software Shipments Discussion Thread.

This is a place to talk about recent shipment updates that get added to our system.
I will list the updates I make here and try to give additional insight into the numbers I have.

Also If someone knows definite shipment numbers and has a source for them feel free to post them here so that we can add them to the system.

There is only one condition currently. We are not able to do multiplat numbers until we get information about the platform split.
So we DO know how much GTA V(and other games) has sold combined but without a reliable breakdown into single platforms the number is not much of use.

So let's start:

Added on 14.01.2020:

All data is from the 2019 CESA Games White Paper, which is a yearly book where certain Japanese publishers submit their numbers of games that have sold above 1M. I am not completely done with that list so expect more numbers out of that one.

Also look forward to the 31st of January where Nintendo reveals another round of sales numbers.
Switch updates are for certain, maybe some updates to 3DS and MK Wii.