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Back in August 2018, Deep Silver announced it was bringing Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package to the Nintendo Switch. As exciting as this was for fans of the series, at the time we couldn't help but question why the third entry was selected instead of the sequel, Saints Row IV.

Now, less than a year after the third game's release on Nintendo's hybrid system, French retailer Cultura has listed the fourth game in the series for the Switch. It's titled Saints Row IV: Re-Elected – which is the version that includes all of the existing downloadable content.

Although this listing has now been removed, a distributor (also located in France) has put up its own listing for the Switch version of Re-Elected. It gets a bit weird here, with a PS4 listing for the game (which has been out since 2015) seemingly revealing the release date of the Switch version: 27th March 2020.

I haven't gotten a chance to play through The Third yet, but glad to hear that another is already on the books to come to Switch. Now they will just need to make sure not to release it as an unfinished mess again.


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