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The_Liquid_Laser said:

I think Sony is being dumb and cocky again.  I mean it's one show where tons of gamers pay attention to what is coming out soon.  It seems pretty dumb to turn away from all of that easy marketing attention, especially during a year where they are releasing a new console.  I hope Nintendo and Microsoft put extra effort into their E3 to get even more attention.  This whole thing could very easily backfire on Sony.

Depends on the details.  A bad or boring conference not under your control - is not good marketing attention. What I remember from the last Xbox conference is Keanu. A random guest star in a third-party game that will sell better everywhere else.

I rather see Sony take control of their conference. !00% control.

Control the day, control the time. Control what you show, how to show it when you show it. No forced fan interaction etc.

The same people that watch Sony E3 will watch Sonys own conference. This isn't like TV programming where whatever follows the super bowl gets a big boost. You have to find where to watch E3, and when to watch what.

As long as Sony does a good job marketing when their conference is etc - they will get the same crowd. Probably more with no competition and better timing.

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