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Gotta love all of the silly posts saying that E3 is irrelevant or dead now. Sony skipped E3 last year, and yet E3 2019 attendance was just barely down compared to the previous 2 years, and the number of viewers watching the streams for the other conferences were pretty comparable to 2018 (and 2018 was a record year for online viewership of E3 for every conference except for EA). Nintendo and Bethesda saw an increase in viewer counts over 2018 on Twitch. MS saw a decrease on Twitch, but that was only because Mixer viewership grew alot for them compared to previous years, so while Twitch viewership was down by 200k, Mixer viewership was up by far more than 200k, meaning that MS was up YoY in viewership overall. Overall, MS conference came out on top in viewership on Twitch, with 1.5m peak concurrent twitch views, and well over 3m peak concurrent viewers taking into account the official Mixer and Youtube streams, and people watching unofficial reaction streams. Sounds far from irrelevant to me.

E3 is not suddenly irrelevant just because Sony doesn't want to attend anymore. E3 will almost certainly continue to flourish and grow without Sony, while Sony themselves will do just fine focusing on other events like Gamescom, TGS, and PSX, as well as their State of Play streams.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 13 January 2020