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That's easy since it will be the only 9th gen console. But you're free to compare it's sales with the 10th gen systems.

Could you just remind me what are gen 8-9 and 10 for you guys ?

PS4 is Sony’s fourth generation console, while Switch is Nintendo’s seventh generation console.

On the main topic:

As for how quickly it passes PS4. It depends on Nintendo who have a history of artificially lowering demand of earlier products to make way for newer ones. If Nintendo does a smart device style Switch generation 2 model + new form factors - kind of like what they talked about in 2013-2015 and what is capable with the current architecture, but updates rather than replaces the platform, I can see Switch being the highest selling dedicated video game console in history.

With the 3DS, it seemed like Nintendo was experimenting with longevity support (while not fully committing to it since 3DS was a dead-end product), so I can see them doing this. Continuing to support the existing Switch for years to come while putting higher end versions of software on updated tiers. Then dropping mandatory support for earlier models in 2023 or later.

think 2020 will be the key year where we learn how to best answer this question.

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