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Marth said:
Hiku said:

Nice numbers for Switch and PS4.
I wonder if FF7 week will compare to holidays + sale? Probably not, but will be an interesting week.

I don't believe FF7R will do much for hardware sales. There are just so many factors against that.

PS4 is nearing the end of it's lifecycle
It already got JRPGs
Even got a mainline Final Fantasy
Had a huge sale the past few weeks while the release date of FF7R Part 1 is known for quite some time.
No FF7 special hardware edition of the PS4.

So a lot of the people who are interested in buying a PS4 for FF7 already have one.

Yeah, if I was planning on getting a PS4 this late for FF7, I would have done so this holiday with the ongoing sale. Especially since there's no special edition model, or even bundle announced.
If those people wait until March then that may be poor planning.