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Barozi said:
KiigelHeart said:
Jurassic World Evolution is so addicting and good :P Thanks Barozi!

Yeah I saw the score you gave it on TA. Seems like you like it even more than I do!

I beat the base game in 4 days, playing anywhere from 7 to 10 hours a day.
Even decided to go for the grindy achievement for unlocking all database entries.

I have 5 starred the first two islands. That takes some serious doing, not sure I will bother doing that with the next few Islands, will just get through them to finish the game.

It keeps putting annoying micromanagement in between the games best elements and the player. I get that we're meant to set up our facilities optimally so that dinosaurs are happy so that they wont keep destroying fences and forcing you to abandon what you're doing to catch them. But there seriously needs to be a way to automate helicopter tranquillisers and fence repair. Have it cost me resources by all means, but forcing me to micromanage it is annoying.

The other main issue is how slow it is to get moving in a park. I am getting better at this, but its really still challenging to get momentum.

Still really enjoying the game. I think fundamentally its just a bit too binary. If you get off to a good start it won't throw up many challenges you can't deal with. If you get off to a bad start, it won't give you a reasonable chance to catch up. Perhaps the later islands are a bit more diverse.

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