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EspadaGrim said:
shikamaru317 said:

That leaves possible acquisition targets for MS in Japan as White Owls, Grounding Inc, Experience Inc, and CyberConnect 2. With Platinum scratched of this list, CyberConnect2 is the only large studio still on the list, the other 3 are more single A tier than AA.

White Owl and Grounding seem more likely every day, both studios would have to be seriously beefed up though but would still likely be developing AA titles.

I don't think White Owls acquisition is happening. Swery is already working on Deadly Premonition 2 for Switch and a game in a collaboration with Suda51 (yeah, it looked more like a joke when they announced it but he recently confirmed that they are indeed making it). Grounding inc. is a possibility maybe but they haven't made any game since Crimson Dragon. Hard to say for sure if it is a studio worth buying.