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shikamaru317 said:

I'm actually surprised that State of Decay 2 hit 10m players before Sea of Thieves did. MS announced 10m for SoD 2 back in August. It seemed like SoT got tons more free advertisement from streamers and youtubers, it had alot more people playing it on Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube than SoD 2 did. 

Either way, both did well. I'm sure that a new State of Decay from Undead Labs is in the works, hopefully they go full on AAA with it. Don't know if Rare will make a sequel to SoT next gen, but at the very least I suspect we'll see a few more years of content support for the 1st game, since it will still be playable next gen thanks to backwards compatibility. 


Edit: Nevermind, wikipedia is lying to me. The wikipedia page for SoD 2 says that it hit 10m players in August, but the source link article only says it hit 5m in August. That error has apparently been on the wiki page for months, I remember seeing 10m months ago, and it is still there. 

SoT is probably MS biggest new IP of the gen. I wonder if their gonna have Rare work on a SoT2.