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curl-6 said:
RolStoppable said:

Companies won't change, so the responsibility to make it easier for yourself is yours. You can do it, curl. Just one step at a time.

Might help if there was something, anything, to look forward to in the mean time. But we don't have release dates for anything I'd consider worth buying atm, nothing at all. :(

That's why it's better to live in the present than in the future. When you pay more attention to the games that you can already play now, then the wait for something new will barely be felt.

You suffer from hype-addiction, meaning that waiting for something is more interesting than playing something. It might help if you put games that you are interested in on your Switch eShop wishlist and have e-mails from Nintendo activated, then you'll get notified everytime something you are interested in is discounted. If you are in a situation with a small backlog where you have 2-3 unplayed games at any time and you go from game to game, then the time until the really big releases passes quite fast.

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