Slownenberg said:
Seems to me the options for a new version of the Switch seem to be:

Premium Switch Hybrid - likely with better screen, bigger SSD, a little better performance at $300 with a price drop on the original
SwitchTV at $200+ price point
SwitchTV 4k at $300 price point
SwitchVR (?? unlikely)

Which of these would you personally prefer? And which do you think would sell the best? A premium hybrid Switch, a cheap SwitchTV, a 4k more expensive SwitchTV, or something totally different like a VR Switch.

Don't forget about the anticlimatic option of a silent revision like last year's upgrade to the hybrid SKU was. Nintendo put the specifications on their website without making a special announcement for it. This rumored model could very well be a slightly modified hybrid SKU that will replace the current one for $299 which subsequently gets phased out.

Something as simple as 64 GB of SSD instead of 32 GB already qualifies as new model. Nintendo wouldn't make a fuss about that either, just put it out there because it's possible that 64 GB can be cheaper to massproduce for them than 32 GB. It's certainly that way for HDDs over time.

EDIT: Another option that shouldn't be forgotten is that the rumor could be straight up false. Over the last couple of days I've read that Digitimes is wrong more often than not when it comes to Nintendo rumors.

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