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starcraft said:
Barozi said:
Redeemed my 1 month EA Access code and started playing the campaign of Battlefield V.

Wow what a shit show. The first proper act has the worst mission design of an FPS I've seen in years. 2 chapters of stealth missions without ANY kind of stealth weapon (ignoring the knife for melee attacks). If you're detected even once you can already reload your checkpoint as there will be ~20 enemies swarming to your position. Multiple grenades and rockets will fly at you and if you're lucky a flamethrower guy will pop up right next to you.
Talking about checkpoints there are barely any to speak of, maybe three per mission.
The last chapter of the act is equally annoying. Hordes of enemies (trucks with soldiers, armored vehicles, tanks and planes) come at you while you're playing king of the hill. This feels like it's supposed to be played with at least 4 players, but nope you're basically on your own.

Battlefield never had amazing campaigns but all were at least tolerable and some quite decent. This act which is 1/4 of the campaign however already sucks very hard and I'm not looking forward to playing the others.

Can't even find the old Xbox Empire now haha!

Thanks for the Jurassic World recommendation. Wouldn't even have looked at it based on the Metacritic. Sunk 5 hours in last night and had a good time. At first it felt way too easy, then I went in to the second island over-confident and got my ass handed to me.

I can see it getting boring and tedious eventually, but I have definitely gotten some fun out of it! Not bad given it came with Gamepass.

Yeah I had to restart the 2nd or 3rd island after the first two valuable dinosaurs failed to hatch.

Had to sell multiple buildings just to incurbate another dino. Then that one got sick and I couldn't treat it because I hadn't researched the specific medicine.

It was a disaster.

Last edited by Barozi - on 07 January 2020