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shikamaru317 said:
Well, now that we can see the back, safe to say that it doesn't have a slot the lets you plug in a 2nd NVMe SSD into an extra M.2 slot. That's disappointing, I can already see the shuffling around of games that I'm going to have to do, uninstalling stuff frequently, those 1 TB drives won't hold many next gen games.

Hopefully those USB C ports on the back are USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 SuperSpeed+, which is 2.4 GB/s, that would allow an external SSD with decent speed at least.

I get why you want it, but also why they don't include it. Lets say that functionality costs $4 per unit (not including any development costs to expand SSD compatibility. They sell 50 million consoles. They've just spent $200 million so perhaps 5% of their userbase doesn't have to delete the odd game.

I could see them including it in a future iteration as Gamepass continues to build.

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