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Digitimes has claimed that Nintendo is beginning production for a new Nintendo Switch model by the end of Q1 2020, which is around late March 2020. This unannounced new model is expected to launch in mid 2020. Digitimes says that the information comes from upstream supply chain sources.

Sources: NintendoSoup Digitimes

Important notes: The NintendoSoup article runs a Switch Pro headline, but the Pro part is 100% speculation on NintendoSoup's part without anything to back it up, so I removed it in order to accurately represent the actual content of the rumor. Last year Digitimes reported on a cheaper Switch SKU based on similar sources which ended up being true (Switch Lite).

The handheld market is already covered with last year's launch of Switch Lite, the hybrid SKU also received an internal upgrade in 2019. This narrows down what this new mystery SKU could be, provided the rumor turns out to be true. Aside from the ever popular demands for a Switch Pro with notably increased processing power, a cheaper TV-only SKU without an upgrade to processing power is also in the cards after last year's cheaper handheld-only SKU. Since Digitimes didn't specify anything about this new SKU, speculation can take a variety of directions.


Nintendo says no new Switch model in 2020. Top of page 10:

"Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020."

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