yo33331 said:

It's not small task but I got ideas for some new interesting charts, which to update monthly and maybe beggining now with december.

PS4 vs Wii in US

PS4 vs DS in europe

switch vs 360 in US

switch vs 360 in europe

switch vs ps3 in europe

switch vs ps4 in europe

as well as bringing back some old charts like:

PS3 & 360 vs PS4 & ONE 

PS3 vs xbox one in US

PS4 vs 360 in US

PS4 vs DS

1. I can switch the PS4 vs Wii worldwide to US now that PS4 is ahead worldwide, but not in the US. 

2 - 6. I'll take a look at the gap to see if any of those make sense to do articles on. 

7. Taking a look, bringing back PS3 & 360 vs PS4 & ONE makes sense to me, so I will bring it back for December.

8 - 10. Those 3 are still ongoing. 2 of them still need to be posted for November. 

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