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Best Moment/Sequence in a Video Game was a new category I added this year as a test. I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to get a consensus for a winner on that one since there are so many sequences in so many different games, but we actually had 3 different people vote for The Ashtray Maze in Control. Sadly, we couldn't come up with a consensus for the runner up and ended up with a 4 way tie. I will attempt the category again in the 2020 awards and see what happens, hopefully Xbox Empire grows over the year as we move into a new generation and we manage to get enough votes for less ties than this year, because we ended up with quite a few ties this year.

Here is the Ashtray Maze from Control for those who haven't seen it:

Awesome metal song by The Old Gods of Asgard (a fictional persona for real life metal band Poets of the Fall, The Old Gods of Asgard appear in Remedy's connected universe, with soundtrack songs in Alan Wake and Control and posters and t-shirts in Quantum Break), combined with really trippy level design and lots of shooting. What's not to love?