Guessed by Flilix

I still agree with Metacritic on this one, even after 21 years. I was there when it came out, probably the very first game I was really hyped about, and I haven't been as hyped as back then for anything since. I used to draw pictures of the game's box art so I could show it to family members hoping one of them would buy me this game. I needn't look far, because my mother had gotten it for Christmas. That box still has a prominent spot on my shelf. The game didn't disappoint, it's like if Miyamoto, Koizumi and Aonuma visited me personally at my house to ask what I want in a video game, because this one hits all the right notes. A large, open yet structured world with varied locations and tons of secrets to find and people to see, level and character designs above and beyond what you'd merely call 'inspired', a memorable soundtrack from start to finish and to top it off, the most epic scene ever in a video game. When I first opened the Door of Time, and there beyond lay a serene hexagonal chamber, empty with but a single ray of sunlight shining upon the pedestal that holds a legendary sword that had slept for ages; the Master Sword. And then you take it. If 'Super Mario 64' (#3) was "perfect", then what is better than perfect? It is surely 'Ocarina of Time'.

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