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So many things. It feels like the switch was basically massively rushed because of the wii U. Yet none of that stuff tops my list. I don't care the switch lacks netflix. I'd never watch netflix on it.

Unrelated to that: for them to change their pathetic policies.
People have to PAY MONEY for the ability to save. Any form of saving. And even then they don't allow it for all games. I'm waiting for the first story of someones switch with 100 hours of Animal cross breaking. It is going to happen, and I'm ready for the rage.

Also allow achievements. Does Mario need them? No. You don't need to create them. But you should allow them. FF12 has them. PC/PS/XB has them. Nintendo doesn't. That's dumb.

Also "options" for switches. I rather have a switch lite that can plug into my TV, than one with detachable controllers that needs a $90 dock to change/connect to my TV.

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